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French fries frying basket-an essential tool in the kitchen
Published : 2021-09-10

The French fries basket is one of the essential tools in the modern home kitchen. More and more people choose to try food at home, which is not only healthy and hygienic, but also can increase family fun.

Stainless steel frying basket

Now people not only like to try French fries when dining out, but also like to use them as snacks at some dinner parties.

Today, I will introduce you a stainless steel frying basket, a practical and beautiful kitchen essential tool for the family.

General households use simple overlapping frying baskets, while food machines (electric fryer, fryer) use straight-handle open frying baskets; they are used to cook, boil, and fry food! Hotels, guesthouses, McDonald's, KFC and large supermarkets are mainly used for fried chicken legs, French fries, fish and other fried foods; in Western countries, fried baskets are the main kitchen utensils indispensable for every family; easy to use, strong rust resistance , Durable, novel appearance, easy to use!

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