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How to Eat Healthy and Safe Chicken Legs and French Fries-Fried Baskets
Published : 2021-08-23

With the improvement of people's living standards and the integration of foreign cultures, the living habits of the people are becoming more popular and diversified.

Fried basket to buy

After China joined the WTO, Western-style catering has sprung up in China, and has been welcomed by young people and sought after by children.

Such as KFC, McDonald's and so on. There is a big difference between the kitchen utensils of Western-style catering and Chinese-style catering. Chinese-style catering equipment mainly consists of open flame stoves and rice cookers; while Western-style catering equipment mainly consists of electric fryer, induction cooker, baking equipment, steaming oven, and juicer.

Among them, the electric fryer, baking equipment, and the inside of the steaming oven are in close contact with the food, namely the frying basket and grilling net.

One can imagine how important it is to buy fried baskets and grilled nets.

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